The Miller EVOS

Why the “Miller EVOS” as the Holliston team name in the game against the Wizards?

EVOS is an innovative and accessible playground structure that the playground committee is interested in for the Miller School’s playground renovations. The EVOS portion of the new playground will be equipment that promotes free-flowing play, while other sections of the playground will offer traditional multilevel play structures (those with slides, platforms, ramps and bridges). Our new playground will not only gives kids’ bodies a workout, but their brains, too.

EVOS is equipment kids can play hard and play smart on while having a lot of fun, just what our team of Holliston teachers, community members, and high school students, the Miller EVOS, plan to do when they attempt to break the Harlem Wizards 2,800+ game winning streak. It’s not a game to miss!                        

More about EVOS

According to Landscape Structures (LSI), The Evos™ play system has quickly become their most popular play structure. Evos attracts kids ages 5 to 12+ with its unique appearance and challenging play experiences.

  • With no prescribed entry points or exits kids can flex their mental and physical muscles.
  • It is designed to grow with a child’s development, meaning that any child regardless of their ability can find somewhere to play on the structure and once they grasp a skill, can move to another more challenging skill.
  • With the appropriate surfacing, all Evos play components are 100 percent ground-level accessible. This means all of the play starts at the ground and not at the top of a ladder. So if a child cannot climb, they are still in the middle of the play.
  • More than 25 components allows you to create endless configurations so you can build a perfect accessible playground for the children who will be playing on your playground.

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